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Felix Adolphe Eboue

William Edward Hall was the first Canadian seaman, first black in the British Empire and third Canadian to receive the Victoria Cross. Samuel Estwick persevered. When in 1940 the coal miner from Glace Bay was rejected by the RCAF as fighter pilot material, he wrote his MP who brought the matter up in parliament. In 1941 Mr. Estwick trained as a radar technician. He was the top of his class in radar school in Clinton, Ontario.

Character educators needs look no further than Major Marguerite (Peggy) Downes. With her heartfelt commitments to family, church, community and country the first black woman to make major in the Ontario Canadian Army Reserve, is in a class of her own as an exemplar. Major Downes retired as Officer-in-Command of Charlie Squadron of the Highland Creek Cadet Corps after a 45 year army career that started in the Royal Canadian Army Militia in Halifax.

Gerald W.A. Bell’s career before WWII started as a special constable for the RCMP in Hamilton. Bell wanted the time the position allowed to prove himself as an athlete before becoming a doctor. He raced against Jesse Owens as a competitive sprinter; he was a trainer at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. He won 63 of 67 bouts as an amateur boxer. Secretly he also took flying lessons.

Henry Grant

Black Canadians minute snapshot  

Women and War: Fighting on All Fronts

  • Major Charity Adams
  • Odessa Marshall
  • Major Blanche Scott

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