FAQ’s about Reading and Remembrance

Q ~ What is the Reading and Remembrance Project?

A ~ Reading and Remembrance is a free on-line resource for Remembrance Day, Veterans' Week, Women’s History Month and Character Education. Ready-to-use lessons went online starting in 2005 and they emphasize reading, diversity, equity, and research into local history. More than 50 archived lessons and approximately 30 shorter “Minutes” are a boon to Ontario school librarians, teachers and supply teachers seeking Canadian-based, high-interest stimulus materials that supplement curricula in English, Civics, History, Music, Visual and Dramatic Arts, Law and Family Studies.

Q ~ Do I have to use all of the material?

A ~ No, choose one that you, your board, school or class will get the most out of.

Q ~ Does it cost anything to enrol?

A ~ No, lessons are free to download and use.

Q ~ Do you have a guide on how to get the most out of the material?

A ~ You bet, click here.


Q ~ Do I have to sign-up on-line?

A ~ No, the material is there and it is free, BUT by signing up, you show your support and that helps us look for funding.

Q ~ Where do I sign-up?

A ~ There is a link on the home page and it is active between September and December to avoid spam or click here.

Q ~ Do you have a contact for speakers?

A ~ As this is a Provincial Project we do not know who is available in your school district, but we suggest you contact the local Historical Society through the Ontario Historical Society, library for local authors or your local Legion.

Q ~ Does this project anticipate that students across the province should/could be organizing some activity at that time to be part of a larger virtual group?

A ~ Reading and Remembrance started in 2005, the Year of the Veteran as a unifying activity to give young people the experience of being part of a common cause by encouraging Ontario schools to read "In Flanders Fields" at the same time. It was not our goal to interfer with established Remembrance Day services or programmes within the school, but add to it. Our lessons have grown in numbers and themes and we are encouraged by the response that they will be used for other than Remembrance Day (almost everyone checked off ALL the options on their entry formlast year).

While the selections have increased we hope a lesson will be chosen and discussed on Remembrance Day. We at Reading and Remembrance are delighted with any use made of the materials.

Q ~ Who is behind this project?

Angie and MaryPhoto courtesy of Metroland Media Group's Durham Region Division

A ~ Angie Littlefield, is the driving force behind the lessons and Mary Cook formatted the lessons and website, Ontario Historical Society is a partner and our founding sponsor is Ontario Power Generation. MP Mark Holland and Pickering Library have supported the project from the beginning, SLiC came onboard in 2009 and Veterans' Affairs in 2010.
See CBC report 2011 and News Advertiser story.


If we didn't answer your question please send a short message and we will get back to you shortly.

Angie Littlefield or Ontario Historical Society


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