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  • The War Amps have quite a number of videos available to purchase or borrow which would be appropriate for class use. There are also nine music videos which are part of the War Amps Military Heritage Documentary Series. The videos may be ordered on line and require about two weeks for delivery. The videos vary in length from four minutes to 57 minutes. The most recent addition to the collection is a video produced for the Year of the Veteran. Music videos are available at

  • Radio minute on John McCrae

  • Video minute

  • War and Art by accessing the National War Museum. There are four categories to access teaching materials that could be very useful. By clicking on the picture of the category you wish to explore you open a one aspect of this subject. The headings are Art and War (Australia, Britain, and Canada in the Second World War), Canvas of War (Masterpieces from the National War Museum), Military Munnings (Alfred Munnings one of England's finest painters of horses led a series of post war commissions), Second World War: Canada's War Artists Perspectiv e (Canadian Painters participated in the War Records produced accurate images of fighting men, machinery, and the landscape of war).

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Links for Remembrance Day: Canadian War Museum | Canadian Museum of Civilization | The Memory Project | The Royal Canadian Legion | Veterans Affairs Canada

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