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Collection of works on the theme of war by Charles Comfort, Abe Bayefsky, Alexander Young Jackson, Margaret Kathleen Macleod and Jack Nicols. English , Français

Art of Charles Fraser Comfort

Art and War English French

games and activities

War Museum English | Français
Serious Cool Stuff English | Français


  • First they came and First They Came for the Jews by Pastor Martin Niemöller

  • Legion poster and essay writing contest English | Français

  • The Last Witness: the Child Survivor of the Holocaust by Judith Kistenberg

  • Survival at Auschivitz by Primo Levi

  • Pearls and Lace by Magdalena Klein

  • Windows on the World Plays and Activities Adapted from Folk Tales from Different Lands by Sylvia Sikunder. It is a teacher resource for grades 4-7 ISBN 0-88865-089-2

  • Many Threads: Weaving a Country by Wilma Maki ISBN 1-895766-17-6

  • Sima 7 Come Join Me by Lorna Williams Written for grade 4 classroom Story of youth gathering at which young people from many first Nations learn about the common traditions that bind them, as well as their cultural diversity. ISBN 0-88865-077-9

  • The Journey That Saved Curious George - Lesson Plan


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racial discrimination

United Nations


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